Amy Silverman is a powerful, creative and impactful coach who works closely with individuals and business owners who are motivated to build local, active communities.

In August 2016, Amy offered a group program  Tribe Builders Mastery Program –  a 9 month online interactive deep training program designed to empower leaders to build local, active, and engaged Tribes. Learn more about “Tribe Builders” here


Amy built and facilitates the thriving NY Authentic Relating Community which has grown to nearly 2000 on the mailing list, over 1500 on Social Media, and hosts 5-7 gatherings/workshops per month.  Not only has her community grown tremendously but the experiences and growth appreciated by 2 NY Authentic Relating Community Members inspired them to create additional Circling communities in other parts of NYC.

As a coach/consultant to Johannesburg, South Africa local Nicholas Carter, Amy spent 3.5 weeks in Johannesburg in Winter 2016 working with Nick.  Services she delivered include:  networking to identify and engage local leaders, training leaders, running workshops, coaching newly formed local leadership team on networking and community building.   After Amy left Johannesburg, this leadership team remained intact and met weekly. They eventually  expanded to include others who are similarly enthusiastic and committed to bringing Circling and Authentic Relating to Johannesburg.

Amy also spent 3.5 weeks in Cape Town, South Africa and was instrumental in the official launch of the Cape Town Authentic Relating Community.  She lead over 15 workshops in a span of 3 weeks and laid the foundation for this community to thrive.  They continue meet and the original leaders have passed the baton to new leaders.