Authentic And Conscious Business

Are you using cutting edge Conscious Business tools to maximize your impact?

Since 2011, The Connection Movement has inspired acceptance, empathy, and understanding by introducing new ways of communicating and relating in the arenas of personal relationships, community, education, and personal development.   

Now The Connection Movement applies these principles and practices in organizations, businesses and teams to create more profitability and success.

Cutting edge research demonstrates that Conscious and Authentic Businesses—businesses that prioritize purpose, emotional intelligence and open, honest communication—have greater financial success, employee engagement, team performance, and retention and satisfaction among all stakeholders – leaders, employees, customers and clients, vendors, investors and partners.   

Research shows that Conscious and Authentic Business Practices lead to:

Growing Revenue

  • In the past 3 years, 42% of non-purpose-led companies showed a drop in revenue, while 85% of purpose-led companies showed positive growth. *

Increased Return On Investment

  • Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share. *

Higher Employee Retention and Loyalty

  • Employees who find meaning in their work report being 2.8 times more likely to stay with their organizations and are 2.2 times more satisfied with their jobs. This improves retention and loyalty. *

More Productive Employees

  • “Inspired” employees generate 225% of the productivity that employees who are merely “satisfied” do. *

The Connection Movement offers eight powerful and effective engagement options to help businesses get to the next level:

Authentic Leadership Intensive
This 3 day, 2 night training is designed to empower coaches, leaders, teachers, parents, managers, business owners, facilitators, and consultants with a leadership and facilitation toolkit to bring greater connection and depth to their relationships

After training, course participants often feel more in touch with themselves, and more confident, open, with courage to speak their truth while being empathic in receiving others, and overall much more inspired by what’s possible in relationship.

A private training for your group can be arranged.

Our Unique “Signature Dinner” Relationship Building Model

Sharing food has a way of inviting connection for people across every culture. At our Signature dinner – we invite you and your group into deeper connection by breaking through the cultural norms and diving into meaningful engagement that aren’t typically available ordinary relationship outings like round of golf, night at the theatre, cocktail hour.

It’s an effective way to learn new skills that transform acquaintances and business contacts into long-lasting relationships that deliver increased productivity, sales, better referrals, as well as bring more value and pleasure for you in the relationship.

Emotional Intelligence, Communication and Mindfulness Training  (1 Day, 2 Day, 3 Day Programs)

We believe that time and relationships are your two most important assets in business and in life. In this training, we focus on optimizing your time by using the most effective relational technologies through emotional intelligence, mindful practice, and communication skills.

This training supports you in becoming a better listener, which in turn builds trust and dials you into the real needs of your clients and team, which also tends to open them to receive your expression more clearly.

‘Networking That Doesn’t Suck’ Events

These events do not support conversations about status, ego or masks, like “What do you do for a living? Who here do you know? What side of town do you live on?” etc. We invite people to be people – your whole self! And relate with one another on a real level.

Networkers find these events to actually be fun and enjoyable, where they make connections that are meaningful and memorable, and often transition into effective collaborations and working relationships.

For those who really love our work, ongoing engagements can include:

Team Building – On-site or Off-site Retreats
Bespoke Communication Training for Teams
Relationship Training for Sales and Business Development Professionals
Individualized Communication Coaching for Managers and Leaders

To Learn More:

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*Source: Conscious Company Magazine, Vol 15, September 2017