The Connection Movement in Organizations

Are you using cutting edge conscious business and interpersonal communication tools to maximize your impact?

Since 2011, The Connection Movement has inspired profound shifts for participants in the arenas of social and community programming, education, and personal development by introducing new ways of communicating and relating.   

Now The Connection Movement’s Consulting Division,  “Human Centered Group”, applies these principles and practices in organizations, businesses and teams to create more engagement, profitability and success.


Cutting edge research demonstrates that Conscious and Authentic Businesses—businesses that prioritize emotional intelligence, culture, purpose, and open, honest communication—have greater financial success, employee engagement, team performance, and retention and satisfaction among all stakeholders – leaders, employees, customers and clients, vendors, investors and partners.   

Research shows that Conscious and Authentic Business and Communication Practices lead to:

Growing Revenue

  • In the past 3 years, 42% of non-purpose-led companies showed a drop in revenue, while 85% of purpose-led companies showed positive growth. *

Increased Return On Investment

  • Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share. *

Higher Employee Retention and Loyalty

  • Employees who find meaning in their work report being 2.8 times more likely to stay with their organizations and are 2.2 times more satisfied with their jobs. This improves retention and loyalty. *

More Productive Employees

  • “Inspired” employees generate 225% of the productivity that employees who are merely “satisfied” do. *

Our Offerings and Programs

The Connection Movement offers powerful and effective engagement options to help businesses get to the next level:

Communication Laboratories

These interactive sessions engage your team in the essential soft-skills necessary to thrive in today’s highly technical and specialized workforce.  Human Centered Group’s approach to empowering your team with tools for connection and teaching them how to navigate challenging communications will:

    • Improve the quality of conversations so that employees perform and collaborate better
    • Ensure that interpersonal conflicts are navigated skillfully (or prevented altogether)
    • Support managers and team-members in providing clearer and more digestible feedback that promotes growth and curiosity
    • Cause problems and challenges to be solved faster
    • Engage and enliven the experience of being at work – boosting loyalty and retention
    • Help meetings run more smoothly
  • Foster a feeling of connectedness and belonging within teams and the whole company

The specific skills and structures mastered in these Laboratories have countless applications such as – team meetings, performance reviews and 360s, project collaborations, everyday office interactions, human-resource support, hiring and exit interviews  (plus employees share that their personal relationships deepen and become more truthful, intimate and meaningful)

Communication Laboratories can be offered as segmented Lunch-and-Learns, half-day trainings, full day on or off-site immersive trainings or integrated into your company retreats.

Connection Labs

Connection Labs support the internal culture and overall health of teams and organizations by offering an opportunity to have fun and engage through a series of guided structures and exercises.  In pairs, small group and whole group experiences, participants connect with each other on a deeper level than typical small talk or productivity-focused exchanges. We create a safe and inviting space for playfulness, self-expression and exploration of themes such as leadership, creativity, purpose, friendship.  Besides being engaging and fun, participants simultaneously explore the dynamics of their inner and outer worlds and learn and practice new tools for better personal and business communication.

Some expected outcomes include:

    • More camaraderie, empathy and sense of belonging
    • Teams who play well together tend to work better together – synergy in collaboration goes up
    • Stress is better managed and team members have a fun and safe outlet to release and re-charge
  • Team members feel seen and heard by each other, leading to more trust and engagement

Our Unique “Signature Dinner” Team and Relationship Building Model

Sharing food has a way of inviting connection for people across every culture. At our Signature Dinner – we invite you and your group into deeper connection by breaking through cultural norms and diving into facilitated meaningful engagement that isn’t typically available in ordinary relationship outings like a round of golf, scavenger hunt, night at the theatre, or cocktail hour.  These unique and consciously designed dinners are custom programmed for your group to enjoy easeful socialization, inspiring learning and growth, and a delicious culinary experience.

For executives and sales professionals, it’s an effective way to transform acquaintances and business contacts into long-lasting relationships that deliver increased productivity, sales, better referrals, as well as bring more value and pleasure for you in the relationship.  

For teams, it’s a powerful shared experience that activates new ways of understanding and seeing each other, creates a felt experience of common ground, lifts people up and has them feel respected and valued, and fosters a hierarchy-free sense of community and contribution.

Emotional Intelligence, Communication and Mindfulness Training  (1 Day, 2 Day, 3 Day Programs and/or series over time)

Optimize the power of your organization to cultivate a workplace that is operating at peak performance – generative, focused, collaborative, related, healthy, self-motivated and mentally-attuned.  Through mindfulness and emotional intelligence training, we help leaders and teams better understand and manage themselves and each other.

Mindfulness contributes to better mental and emotional health (decreasing both absenteeism and presenteeism) and increases our capacity to be more focused and clear.  Research shows that people spend 47 percent of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they’re doing. This mind-wandering typically makes them unhappy and stressed and, at work, leads to wasted time, unproductive multitasking and action addiction.  The antidote is to train the mind to be more focused through mindfulness.

Emotional intelligence is vital to success in the workplace and was ranked sixth in the World Economic Forum’s list of the top 10 skills that employees will need to possess to thrive in the workplace of the future.  Our programs and processes improve interpersonal relating, team communications, collaboration skills, and also increase creativity, innovation, and empathy. Research shows that empathy is essential for understanding clients’, target markets’, co-workers’, leaders’ and stakeholders’ motivations and needs. Empathetic leaders are more intuitive, attuned to their teams’ and businesses’ needs, and see higher retention and loyalty.

And for organizations whose teams experience “Empathy Burnout” or “Compassion Fatigue”, we teach tools for self-care, resilience, and collaboratively boosting the overall well-being of the team through restorative and regenerative relational practices.

Not Your Typical Team Building – Growth and Connection Oriented Engagement

If you’re looking for an enriching way to connect your team in a fun, engaging, inspiring way, we offer custom-designed on or off-site Team Building experiences.  All of our programs promise to leave your team members feeling more connected to themselves and each other, with their creative and collaborative juices flowing, plenty of endorphins released, and with the satisfaction of time-well-spent.  Some offerings to consider – Custom interactive scavenger hunt incorporating inter-relational games and exercises, creative challenges, and collaborative adventures. Improv theatre training. PopUp Choir, Live Piano Bar or Live Karaoke – we’ll bring the musicians to you (or do this offsite).  Musical Playshop – your group works with our team to create and share a 10 minute musical. FlashMob – learn a dance or song and perform in public (or another renegade adventure) Learn choreography and Record a Music Video. We’ve got a fantastic set of resources that we can bring together to create a bespoke experience your team will love.

‘Networking That Doesn’t Suck’ Events

Tired of swapping “30-second-pitches” or conversations like “What do you do for a living? Who do you know here?”   At Human Centered Group’s interactive networking events we invite people to be people – your whole self! And relate with one another on a real level.  Through innovative and easy-to-implement structures, networkers find these events to be fun and enjoyable. They make connections that are meaningful and memorable, and, most importantly, lead to profitable collaborations and working relationships.   

For those who really love our work, ongoing engagements can include:

Culture-Building Consulting and Facilitation to foster more
engaged internal community

Relationship Training for Sales and Business Development Professionals

Individualized Communication Coaching for Managers and Leaders

To Learn More:

Contact [email protected] to schedule an exploratory call.

*Source: Conscious Company Magazine, Vol 15, September 2017