Facilitator and Healer Business Training & Mastermind Group
Presented by: Red Sapiens and The Connection Movement

The Connected Business Collective is a new unique opportunity for invited healers and facilitators to join The Connection Movement and Red Sapiens in a motivational, educational, and supportive group designed to grow our businesses – in connection with each other.

Something we’ve seen over and over is that amazing healers, wellness practitioners, coaches, and group facilitators have incredible gifts to give, are changing lives daily, and are helping others thrive – and yet they feel in-it-alone and their businesses aren’t economically sustaining them.

Why does this happen?

Being incredible at your craft, art, or modality does not mean that you are necessarily incredible at running a business.  Many healers and facilitators have invested a tremendous amount of time, learning, energy and money in growing and developing their gifts. Yet when it comes to the business of delivering their gifts, they feel stuck, resistant to structure, intimidated, overwhelmed or avoidant.

Healers and wellness facilitators can perform better when they’ve got business training, good information, healthy money-mindset, self-care, and consistency in honing and applying these.  And they can thrive by adding in – support, accountability, and a network of talented committed wellness entrepreneurs investing in their success by sharing resources, solutions, and referrals.

This Collective is built on our belief that magic happens when dynamic entrepreneurs with passion to help others come together to create something greater than they could possibly do individually.

Let’s make magic.  Together.

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$150 per month


•    2  Connected Business Mastermind Calls/ Month  (50 minutes)
Share successes, resources, referrals, and problem solve with other conscious entrepreneurial facilitators and healers

•    Daily 5 Minute Accountability Check-Ins with Your Accountability Partner

•    1 Connected Business Zoom Training Session per week  (50 minutes)
40 minutes content and Q+A, 10 Minutes Weekly Training on Event and Affiliate Sales taught by Joe Rojas (Red Sapiens) and invited specialists and experts


Money Mindset
Understanding Sales
Leveraging In-Person Events, Speaking Opportunities, Workshops and Expos
How to transition people into a sales conversation
What is a funnel, how do you set yours up, and make it work for you?
Improve your sales, follow-up process, and closing process
How to package your offerings
Preparing for an event – registration form, how will you take payments etc, deadlines, terms and conditions/cancellations
Networking – how to make it fun and effective
Social Media for healers and facilitators
Intro to FB Ads
Your online presence – website
LinkedIn for Healers and facilitators
Path to Corporate Clients
Getting Your Clients’ World
Marketing Your Events
…and more

•    Get featured Monthly in the Red Sapiens Business Community Newsletter

•     Your business profile will be listed on the Connected Business Collective webpage

•    Earn Commissions through Affiliate Referrals
For starters, you’ll receive Affiliate Status for Connection Camp (earn commissions or even free participation by referring campers) and for Red Sapiens’ MAPP program.  Also, within the Collective, healers and facilitators are encouraged to offer affiliate and referral commissions to other Collective members, creating our own supportive economy.

•    1 Monthly In Person Laser Coaching and Productivity Night

7:00 pm  – Team CheckIns (Brags and Wins)

7:20-8:15 pm  – 4 Ten-Minute Laser Hot Seat Hurdle Coaching Sessions With Joe Rojas, Q+A

8:15-8:45 pm  – Hurdles, Asks, Referrals, Resources

9 pm  – Team Co-Working Followup Session  (park ourselves, put on some tunes and send our followup emails and intros right away!)

DATES:   Wednesdays

March 20
April 4
May 15
June 19
July 17
August 21
September 11


Fill Out This Form To Apply For The Collective! 

Learn About Red Sapiens
Founded and led by Joe Rojas, Red Sapiens is a small business advisory firm. They help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their business, specifically to help them break their first million.   Red Sapiens does this by implementing proven methods of sales and follow up that have been employed by experts such as Michael Gerber, Jerry Porras and Stephen Covey. “We strive to create a world where entrepreneurs can thrive.”

About Amy Silverman
Founder of The Connection Movement, Connection Camp and Human Centered Group, Amy Silverman is an ambitious and heart-centered entrepreneur with over 10 years experience as a solo business owner.  As owner of EndlessConnect (web-development company) and EndlessMarket (online cashback shopping destination) she learned the ins-and-outs of entrepreneurship and later applied her skills as the Director of Operations at Circling Europe.  Amy is passionate about the power of collaborative and supportive business strategies, generous with her knowledge, resources and network, and loves to see others succeed.