Connection Lab

The Connection Movement is an educational social impact platform committed to building an Empathic World Culture by creating pathways for human connection.

Our unique methodology fosters Emotional Intelligence and skilled, truthful communication – essential driving forces for peaceful, productive and prosperous living for all.

From our large scale public engagement projects to small group intensive trainings, our commitment is to offer programs that cultivate empathy, self-expression, and collaboration within communities, families, businesses and educational environments.

The Connection Movement’s events are an oasis and playground for connection.

The ever-growing International community comes together to explore ways of seeing, connecting, and appreciating yourself and others at a deeper level through social, workshop, and retreat settings.

At the NY Connection Movement headquarters, there are 6-10 gatherings per month that engage vulnerability, earnest connection and playing full out.  Newcomers are welcomed with open arms and do not need to have prior experience.

Our gatherings and work together are inspired by the practices and teachings of Circling, Authentic World, Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, Mindfulness, Morehouse, Gestalt, Meditation and NonViolent Communication.

Founded in 2012, The Connection Movement is directed and facilitated by Amy Silverman.  Check out her website here.

If you are interested in supporting The Connection Movement or launching a branch in your city, contact to explore possibilities.

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