Amy Silverman

Facilitator, Educator,  Consultant, Community Builder, Entrepreneur
Founder, The Connection Movement
Founder, Connection Camp

Amy is a passionate connector with a natural instinct towards big vision and action. With 25+ years professional experience, she has worked in Chicago, Minneapolis, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Amsterdam and New York as a workshop creator and facilitator, public and private school teacher, a teacher-trainer, program-innovator, coach and consultant, small-business owner, and theatrical director/teacher.

Amy is committed to bringing people together through play, connection, self-expression and creativity. Her passion for human connection, growth and community led her to establish and grow The Connection Movement,  a community that comes together and dives into self-discovery, transformation and deep, earnest connection.

The Connection Movement offers events, workshops, coaching programs, social experiments and retreats, including Connection Camp – a beloved four day, three night adult summer camp.

Amy is proud to have built and run a thriving community in NYC for a decade (passing the reigns in 2021). And has initiated and fostered similar communities in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa as well as Miami, Florida and Charleston, South Carolina.

2023… What’s happening now?

Amy has relocated to Chicago and is coming out of a professional hiatus during which she focused on caregiving for a family member with Alzheimers.

Amy is re-forming The Connection Movement to

a) primarily focus on serving organizations, businesses, churches, synagogues, schools or any other groups seeking to enrich their culture, improve communication, deepen the experience of connection and belonging.

b) partner/collaborate with other instructors as well as yoga studios, restaurants, bars, stores etc to offer public experiences such as workshops, social and dating events, retreats.

If you’re interested in working with Amy, get in touch!