Hello Friends!

I’m so excited to be returning this Fall for a series of Circling and Authentic Relating experiences and trainings.

Please join me for some connection, community, fun and meaningful communication.  I can’t wait to reconnect and catch-up!

Below, you’ll find information about upcoming opportunities to dive deeper into the exploration of Authentic Relating and Circling.

With love,
Amy Silverman


Here’s a summary of what’s coming up in Florida!
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–  November 16:          ONLINE Circling Intro – Relational Meditation
–  November 17:          MIAMI Connection Lab – Relating Games
–  November 17-20:    MIAMI Authentic Leadership Intensive
–  November 19:          MIAMI Connection Lab – Relating Games
–  November 21:          MIAMI Intro To Circling (invite only)
–  November 27:          SOUTH BEACH Evening of Yoga + Connection/Circling
–  November 30:         Authentic Connection and Intro to Circling – Pompano
–  December 1-3:         MIAMI Circling Immersion Weekend
–  Late December/Early January   Six Week Online Circling Course
–  January – July:         ONLINE + NYC 6 month Leadership and Circling Intensive


Relational Meditation – Connected Communication

Circling is a fresh way to develop presence and richer connections with those around you. It can provide fundamental and often unseen insights that, once seen, create new and exciting opportunities. It provides a doorway into flow experiences and breathes life into sometimes vague spiritual concepts and ideas.

What’s it like to experience Circling?   CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO

Schedule and Registration Links: 

November 16th:   Online Introduction
November 21st:    In-Person Intro Miami (request invite amy-at-theconnectionmovement.com)
November 27th:   South Beach  (Yoga and Evening of Connection) 
November 30th:   Pompano – Authentic Connection and Intro To Circling

Circling Immersion in Miami December 1-3  (open to beginners!)



This weekend is a deep dive into a powerful form of Connective Communication called Circling.  The practice is making waves in Silicon Valley, as outlined in this Forbes article and is being practiced in over 70 cities globally.  Circling is a paradigm-shifting practice that is supported by wide ranging research on how adults learn and develop.  You will walk away with tools for relating deeply with others, for powerfully making requests and respectfully holding boundaries, and for navigating conflict and differences. Through this practice, you’ll have the power to uplevel your relationships, resulting in more personal fulfillment and, in your career, more satisfied clients, employees, teams, and prospective customers.   What is it like to experience Circling?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrB5ITvWsls

Who is this workshop for?

1. If you are ready to invite change, willing to create deeper connection with yourself and others, or wanting to enjoy more fulfilling relationships.

2. If you are professional who works with people in any capacity, the skills you will learn can help you lead teams and organizations, interact effectively with colleagues and supervisors, navigate the boardroom and office politics, or ace job interviews.

3. If you are a coach, a therapist or a practitioner of any kind, this workshop can serve as a first step towards deeper training. It is designed to improve your skills in working with groups, expand your influence as a facilitator and make a bigger difference in the lives you touch.

Whether you come for your own growth or with the intention to expand your facilitator skills, this event will be memorable. In one weekend you could release old traumas, learn new ways of communicating, interrupt stubborn patterns, and begin to transform your relationships.



Six Week Online Circling Program with Amy Silverman

Experience all the benefits of Circling plus the incredible value of working with a consistent cohort of participants for an extended period of time.

Build deep relationships, be seen, heard and met over-time, develop or hone your skills, deepen your presence, and grow as a communicator.

We’ll gather online using a video platform that supports group work as well as small groups and dyads

Facilitator to Participant Ratio will not exceed 1:10

Week One will be a 2-hour introduction to Circling to unite us all to the same orientation about Circling’s principles and foundational practices.

Weeks Two through Six will be 80 minutes consisting of check-ins, exploration of one to two Circling principles or concepts per week,  Large Group and Small Group Circling (both Birthday Circles and Surrendered Leadership), Debriefs of the Circles along with Q & A, as well as check-outs.

6 Month Advanced Circling Intensive
Circling Europe’s SAS with weekends hosted by The Connection Movement

January through July 2018

Step into a powerful and unique developmental adventure! In this course you will learn the basics of Circling, explore its underlying principles and distinctions and experience the cutting edge of the practice. You’ll be comprehensively supported on your journey and challenged into your next emergence. You’ll get the chance to develop as a leader of Circling and learn what it takes to integrate the magic of Circling into your everyday life. You’ll be part of a focused and committed practice group with the potential to create an awakened space, taking you beyond your personal self into a larger field of what is possible.

What will you get from the experience?

  • SAS training is a crucible within which you will access training and support to bring your highest potential into the world in diverse ways. You’ll develop your communication skills and leadership potential while being part of a space rich with profound connection and deep realizations, receiving comprehensive support on your path.
  • This is a chance to experience an immersion into the surrendered leadership paradigm that Circling Europe is pioneering.
  • The leading edge of psychology, philosophy and spirituality are brought together within an embodied practice technology and accompanying Dharma.
  • You’ll also receive support in taking your life to a new level of excellence in the areas that matter most to you.
  • You will take part in a transformative group journey with other committed individuals.
  • You will have the option to engage in certification to become a Circling facilitator.What does it involve?
  • Three 4-day S.A.S. weekends in NY
    These immersive workshops focus on developing your Circling and leadership capacities as well as exploring the fundamental principles behind Circling that can be applied to all aspects of life. In these extended, fully experiential weekends, you will explore your personal leadership and connect Circling and its principals to your own development and challenges around purpose, relationships, and performance.Jan 25-28, 2018 (start date – 1st weekend)
    April 26-29, 2018 (2nd weekend)
    July 26-29, 2018 (3rd weekend- price includes food and lodging for the final weekend only)
  • An individualised coaching program:
    You’ll have 5 hours of individual sessions via Skype with John/Sean/Jordan and the team.In these sessions, you’ll receive individual attention on the areas of your life that matter most to you, and be able to uncover new potentials, heal unresolved issues, become more comfortable in your own skin and get clearer on and closer to your personal gifts and deepest values and purpose. This aspect of the training can give you individualised support and a structured coaching program where you’ll receive practices tailored to your needs and development and to deepen your Circling.
  • Circling training with fellow SAS-participants:
    Weekly practice Circling and being Circled.
  • Cutting edge curriculum:
    To support your growth and understanding, you’ll receive stimulating, wide-ranging learning material exploring the theoretical underpinnings of the practice and its relevance in various fields and aspects of life and culture, including cutting edge academic papers, books, movies, art and music.
  • Access to Circle Anywhere:
    You’ll gain access to facilitator-led circles online at Circle Anywhere for 12 months. On this platform you’ll be able to practice your Circling daily, integrating insights from your training, while connecting with experienced facilitators and the international Circling community.
  • Monthly online Quad sessions
    With supervision/mentoring from team.
  • 3 Live interactive Webinars
    Lead by the leadership team.
  • Unlimited Circling Nights in Austin, Amsterdam, Utrecht, London, & Oslo
    For the duration of the course and three months afterwards.
  • 30% discount to future Circling Europe Immersion weekends
    For one year after SAS completion date.

GET MORE INFORMATION HERE:  http://circlingeurope.com/leadership-training/sas/



November 17-19th – MiamiThe Authentic Leadership Intensive is intended to empower you to lead with an integrated and embodied sense of Presence, Connection, Agility, and Vulnerability.
Using a foundation of Authentic Relating and Improvisation tools and structures, we will explore and practice how to cultivate and integrate powerful leadership skills such as empathy, clear and evocative communication, context setting, spontaneity, planning, and more.

The potential application of this work is extensive and can range from the simplest use in your day to day relationships, team-training in your professional environment, or you may choose to lead others in developing their Authentic Relating toolkits by offering your own workshops that share the teachings from our weekend together.

Miami Workshop hours:

November 17th  5:00-10 pm
November 18th  10 am – 8 pm
November 19th  10 am – 10 pm
November 20th   5:30-6:30 pm (online Zoom call)




Facilitated by Amy Silverman, we offer a fun and playful evening that incorporates experiential exercises and discussions that invite us beneath the surface and into a deeper connection with ourselves and each other. Connection Labs offer an opportunity for us to celebrate with great people who are also wanting to explore what’s possible in connection. Through a series of guided “games,” you can learn and practice new tools for better communication in all areas of your life.

Friday 11/17, 7-10 pm  Miami
Sunday 11/19, 630-9:30 pm – Miami