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"This is one of the most nourishing things that I've done."

I  got to feel my desire for connection within a group of people willing to show up in a way that is real and authentic and honest.  This is one of the most nourishing things that I’ve done.  This is the way I want to live in my whole life.  I want more of this.  I certainly encourage everyone to come out and have a taste and see if it’s for them.

DAVID HADALLER //  Web Developer

Free Intro Class Times

TUESDAYS  12-1:15 pm  (EST time)

February 20th
February 27th
March 6th
March 13th

WEDNESDAYS  9 - 10: 15 pm  (EST time)

February 21st
February 28th
March 7th

Online Intro Details

  • All Sessions Are Hosted Online
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    We Use Zoom Video Conferencing for the Calls (
  • Classes Last for 75 minutes
  • All Intro Sessions Are Completely Free!

Benefits of Circling

  • Connect with people at a deeper level – often just moments after meeting them·
  • Have more freedom of expression and a capacity to respond rather than react when others communicate with you
  • Expand your emotional range and connection to yourself and others.
  • Receive valuable, direct feedback delivered with simultaneous truth and nonjudgment
  • Become a deeper listener who has the capacity for others to feel heard and seen with you
  • Develop communication tools you can use in all areas of your life - business, romance, family, friends, strangers, parents, and children

Your Hosts

Amy Silverman

Founder of The Connection Movement. Certified Circling Facilitator and Trainer.

Peter Griffin

Certified Circling Facilitator.


Check out these two interviews to get a deeper sense of Circling - what it's like and its benefits...

Global leaders Amy Silverman and John Thompson share about Circling and Authentic Relating.  At 38:30 check-out the guided experience.

While in Johannesburg South Africa, Amy was invited to Cliff Central Radio to share about Circling and Authentic Relating on a show called “Sex Talk”.

What People Are Saying

"I fell in love with the people here"

I would recommend this training to people who really want deeper connection, to really feel nourished.  I find it all so nourishing. I fell in love with the people here, and it feels so good to appreciate and love them and have that shared experience with people who also want that connection….

CONNIE DANN-DUVAL // Special Needs Social Worker

"The world needs more connection"

This work has been so useful in my daily life in all situations, and I’m able to get through obstacles and hurdles and just connect more deeply with family members, coworkers,’s a richer and fuller experience of life. The world needs more connection and more communication and ways that we can all connect with ourselves individually and also with each other.

MALCOLM ROWE // Business Owner 

"A lot was revealed to me about myself and others."

A lot was revealed to me about myself and others.  I felt my empathy and got to see how much I love connection with other people.... I felt the courage of humanity and the adoration I felt for them talking about their struggles and what they really want and I felt like - we’re all the same - we all have the same fears and same desires.  And it was so beautiful to get to completely sit and be receptive and listen to somebody and hold attention on them while they’re sharing on that level.  It was beautiful.


"I see the potential for a drastic change in the world."

If more people are exposed to this kind of work, I see the potential for a drastic change in the world, in the way that we relate with one another. That change to me looks more loving, more understanding... it looks like people taking ownership and more accountability of their own patterns, judgments, things they want to change in themselves instead of projecting that onto others, and definitely in this culture is what we were taught to do, to blame others, and so this work really allows you to look inward and do the work with yourself first and then share it with others.

NALYSE SEYMOUR // Coach for Millennials  

"I was able to connect with many people so deeply."

  • I was able to connect with so many people so deeply. I was really surprised at how quickly those connections happened. Today I upped my listening skills in a major way. I was able to sit back and really hear what someone had to say without waiting for my moment to jump in and contribute to the conversation. Being able to listen without being obligated to respond was a really freeing experience.

WOLF BUKIET // Community Manager and Entrepreneur

"This was incredibly life changing."

I’ve done a lot of different trainings and seminars, and this was incredibly life changing. It’s nothing I’ve ever experienced myself for someone who’s always working on my communication, working on being more vulnerable, and looking for more ways to create more unity and community. This was incredible--difficult to express in words--but if you’re even thinking about trying it, you have to

MONICA REYES // Lawyer and Business Coach

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